Since I can remember as a little boy I wanted to fly….now I am!!

I’m a passionate and energetic explorer of life. I read extensively to learn more, I love to talk with people to learn more, I love physical movement and exploring physical boundaries and movement and I love to challenge all boundaries, limits and dogmatic thinking.

I am interested in food and food ethics, leadership and organisational culture, unschooling, artisanal food and coffee, baby food, veganism, paleo, low carb eating, endurance and multisport training and participation, public speaking, entrepreneurship, fatherhood, purpose and meaning of life, simplicity and freedom.

I have a relatively short recent history in endurance and multisports but have done some high end physical endurance events in my life including The Comrades Marathon (up run, 89km), the Two Oceans Ultra (56km) and various long swims and road races and have placed quite well in a few. I also have a 4th dan black belt from nearly 20 years of martial arts. I share this with you as background and this will give context as you read my posts.

Through my website and blog I’d like to engage with you and share across all these subjects.


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  1. dtv5 says:

    Hi Leonard. You are a neighbour, as I can tell when I see your wi-fi access point, and I am sure you can see my FishNet. I am Jeremy Lansman, behind the Angel Gate. You can find my internet footprints in many nodes of our gridded world. Cheers.


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