New Beginnings in far off lands…



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So, it’s been a crazy hectic disrupted year on every possible level…! After a major illness and some big changes in my life early in 2017, we packed up our lives in Cape Town and headed over to New Zealand. It’s been a challenging but exciting time for our family and we are finally settled in and loving our lives here…!

I have promised myself that I would start posting more regularly on my blog as well, hence the bridging of the longish gap since my last post. This will continue to involve the musings of an adult boy exploring writing, food, leadership and change, healing and life.

The tumultuous time I experienced, seemed to finally trigger the removal of the last blockages in the way of my urge to write. The result is Dolphin Girl: First Contact, now available in paperback and Kindle format on Amazon. Click here to see it:

This is the outcome from a few conversations my daughter and I had at various times over the past two years and hopefully the start of a successful series exploring the adventures of a young girl who turns into a dolphin as soon as she gets waist deep in seawater. My own daughter was the inspiration for this and her ‘presence’ is always there when I’m writing…thank-you Z!!

Please feel free to grab a copy of the book and please leave a review – this helps me stay on the important lists with Amazon. It’s a great read to younger kids as well and I can guarantee that they will relate on so many levels. Please feel free to connect here: on my facebook page (Leonard Mead Author Page) or on Instagram (@whatmydadcookedup or @lenmead)

I look forward to your feedback and to connecting with you some more.



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